A data architect is building an app for a large healthcare organization, and is given these requirements:
– Load data from SQL Server for eight hospitals
– Load data from Oracle for six hospitals
– All data must be refreshed once per day
– Users must see details of each transaction
– Most users should only see data for their hospital
– Some users will have access to all data
Which approach should the data architect take?

User A is the owner of a Qlik Sense app that uses section access. User A is NOT included in the Section. Access table of the app. The app is published in the Sales stream. A security rule grants User A access to the Sales stream.
User A accesses the Sales stream in the hub to open the app. What is the result?

A data architect is using the Qlik View converter to load a Qlik View document into Qlik Sense. The convertor does not load the Qlik View document correctly. Which two reasons will cause the convertor to fail?